ND Architecture was founded in 2007 by founding partners M.Sc. Architect Nurgül AKGÜNDÜZ ÜSTDAĞ and Architect Durmuş ÜSTDAĞ.

Since its establishment, ND Architecture has completed many successful projects both in Turkey and abroad. It provides services with its expert team in various project branches such as mass housing projects, stores, offices, hotels, residences and clinical projects.

Dent Tasarım

Dent Tasarım is a medical brand of ND Architecture.

Clinic design and implementation is an area on which ND Architecture specialize with numerous clinic implementations up to today. It is designed with the modern materials and technological infrastructure of today’s clinics, creating a comfortable, functional and aesthetic environments for both patients and doctors. ND Architecture also produces special design furniture for clinics such as clinic cabinets, sterilization and laboratory room furniture, waiting room furniture and secretary counters with its own brand “Dent Tasarım”.



Nurgül Akgündüz Üstdağ


She was born in 1979 in Istanbul. After completing her high school education at Kabataş High School, she got into the Faculty of Architecture at Yıldız Technical University in 1997.  More…


Durmuş Üstdağ


He was born in 1978 in Kilis. After graduating from Fatih High School, he started his undergraduate education at Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Architecture. More..


“Dent Tasarım” has been proud to be one of the leading architectural offices in the country and one of the leading architectural offices in the world and it continues to produce for years without compromising its quality. It follows IDS, the leading fair in the dental sector, and Salone Del Mobile where the latest ones in the architectural sector are presented and other related fairs every year and visits unit and dental device manufacturers in their countries.

As it’s services date back to 14 years, it encountered a wide range of clinical procedures with domestic and international clinical project and having mastered every new regulation, dental equipment and infrastructure it has provided consultancy services to more than 200 clinics.

Our company aims to work excellently, timely and with a quality service understanding. The most important evaluation criterion in projects is customer satisfaction. The point that our customers want to reach in terms of usage, time, cost, ideal and visual sense is achieved by blending needs program, function solutions and aesthetic concerns in the right proportions. The project development process is completed in coordination with the customer during the design and implementation process.

Every new area designed is a new life for the customers. ND Architecture is responsible for creating a “Living Space” for human beings; it evaluates each project within its own criteria and does not compromise from these principles from the most complicated design to the simplest, it works to achieve the goal of “Quality Architectural Service”. The goal of each new project is to raise the bar even further by doing better than the previous one.

While we complete all our projects and leave all the tiredness behind with the coffees we drink in the places we designed with our customers, please do not hesitate to listen to the service experience of our customers that you will receive from us.

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