Architectural – Interior Architectural Consultancy

“Dent Tasarım” has been proud to be one of the leading architectural offices in the country and one of the leading architectural offices in the world and it continues to produce for years without compromising its quality. It follows IDS, the leading fair in the dental sector, and Salone Del Mobile where the latest ones in the architectural sector are presented and other related fairs every year and visits unit and dental device manufacturers in their countries.

As it’s services date back to 14 years, it encountered a wide range of clinical procedures with domestic and international clinical project and having mastered every new regulation, dental equipment and infrastructure and more it has provided consultancy services to more than 200 clinics.

Clinical consultancy service is the work carried out by our expert architects in order to assess the suitability of our physicians before moving to a new location. The place is examined in terms of compliance with the regulations and on the other hand the requests and needs of the physician are evaluated and the feasibility, approximate cost and program are given to the physician about the suitability of the place.