Durmuş Üstdağ


He was born in 1978 in Kilis. After graduating from Fatih High School, he started his undergraduate education at Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Architecture. He had his first entrepreneurial experience during his university years, and he managed many architectural offices and projects and also construction sites. During his education life, he also worked in various workshops and construction sites at Emlak Bank NUROL İnşaat A.Ş., and Çanakkale Seramik A.Ş. He worked with Prof. Dr. Görün Arun and Prof. Dr. Nafız Çamlıbel in the Department of Structural Systems at YTU Faculty of Architecture and worked as a  “Assistant Student” for 3 years until his graduation. He graduated from YTU Faculty and Department of Architecture in 2001 and started to work with Dr. Mim. Ömer Aydeğer at İmge Architecture Construction Ltd. He worked as an implementer in large scale projects at Imge Architecture Company. He worked as an implementer in large scale projects at Imge Architecture Company. In addition to this, he carried out many architectural and decoration project services individually. In 2006, he started to work as “Project Officer & Construction Supervisor” at Sevimli Architect Ltd. Şti., owned by Architect Erol Sevimlisoy. He was the supervisor of restoration, architecture and decoration implementation  in many mansion projects.

He founded ND Architecture in 2007 with his wife Nurgül Akgündüz Üstdağ. ND Architecture has established the “Dent Tasarım” brand and has taken the first step towards becoming a specialized architectural office in our country. He has provided consultancy services to more than 200 clinics, dentists and dental faculties so far in clinical design and implementation. In order to achieve its architectural career goals, he follows the innovations in its field, the trends in the architectural and construction and dental sectors closely and the domestic and international fairs every year.

Durmuş Üstdağ, who is also a A-Class Occupational Safety Specialist, also holds the “Asbestos Removal Specialist” certificate, in our country only 350 people have that certificate. With all these qualifications, he is the founding partner of Trasbest and Asbesan which are the leading companies about “Asbestos” in our country.

He attaches great importance to social responsibility projects and carries out these projects under the umbrella of 3 independent NGOs. He tries to provide services in accordance with service purpose in the land where he was born and raised with the life philosophy of service before self. A good collector, Durmuş Üstdağ has a large collection of photographic apparatus. Durmuş Üstdağ, who has two daughters, has a good command of English..