Nurgül Akgündüz Üstdağ


She was born in 1979 in Istanbul. After completing her high school education at Kabataş High School, she got into the Faculty of Architecture at Yıldız Technical University in 1997. During her education life, she stepped into working life and was present at various architectural offices and construction sites. At the same time, she worked as an “Assistant Student” in YTU Architecture Department. After graduating from YTU Faculty of Architecture  with honors, she started her postgraduate studies in the Department of Architecture and Building Information in Graduate School Of Science, Engineering And Technology, Istanbul Technical University. She completed her master’s thesis on  “Examination of Masonry Structure Design on Seismic Zones in Accordance with the Relevant Regulation” and graduated from ITUin 2004 as a Master of Science Architect. In 2002, she started to work at Sevimli Architecture Office of Architect Erol Sevimlisoy. In addition to this, she also worked as an architect and interior architect for many residential projects. She worked at Erol Sevimlisoy’s office where she had the title as a “Project Manager” for 5 years in many architectural, restoration and decoration projects; she also worked as a designer and practitioner in mansion, residential, office and health center projects.


In 2007, she founded ND Architecture Ltd. with her husband, Architect Durmuş ÜSTDAĞ. Under the brand name “Dent Tasarım”, she worked on clinical design, which she had previously experienced and which required expertise. She has been working as a partner in ND Architecture Office for almost 20 years. She loves the profession of architecture, which was her childhood dream, she regularly follows seminars and trainings related to her profession, domestic and international fairs and magazines, and constantly improves herself in the developing design world.

Nurgül A. Üstdağ, who is the mother of two daughters named Gizem and Nil, is interested in all branches of art, but she is mainly interested in painting and ceramics and actively paints. In 2017, her works were exhibited in the Kızkulesi 8/2 Exhibition. She speaks Italian and German at basic level and has a good command of English.